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Working in the creative industry with clients and artists across the globe can be a challenging thing, getting lost in the middle of a project, bad time management and productivity loss, are stuff that are more common than we thought. For that matter we did this workflow document. The propose of this document is (1) To make everything clear regarding the steps needed for our project to succeed - We do want what's best for you, now and in the future. (2) Clear the technical stuff from our way, so we will be able to focus and visuals and not on technical stuff.

Project Steps

After 6 years of experience, working with different clients, we managed to put on paper the idle steps in order to make the project the most productive and efficient possible. Still with enough room for the client to comment on every step, and approve things on time. So we will be able to give you a fair pricing by not doing work twice, and you'll be able to achieve your final product that you love and satisfied with. These are the steps we will go through with every project:

1. Design R1 presentation to client
Feedback from client
Design R1 presentation to client: 
Feedback from client
Final Design presentation: 
Animatic presentation R1:  
Feedback from client
Animatic presentation R2:  (final animatic)
Feedback from client
Final delivery: D



Technical Stuff

We found that Dropbox is the best solution for working and sharing files with the client real-time. Without wasting time on uploads and downloads. For each project we kickoff, a corresponding folder will be opened by our technical team, and you'll receive a link and an invitation to sync the Dropbox folder on your side. That way you'll be able to view and download all our files without spending time on downloads, and we will not need to upload every file we want to review with you

This is the structure of every project we are working on (put link here). The folders you should know are (1) Design - All the design files, separated by folders with the name of the Round (2) Output - Renders, final and in progress will be there, separated by folders with the name of the Round (3) Preview - Previews for all the animation we will done. The rest of the folders are more technical, and if you are interested in gaining a deeper understanding on this, do not hesitate to drop us a line



*R is for Round.

The dotted line